A Platform for the people

Putting people before partisan interests.

Term Limits
Americans have heard too many promises about clearing the stagnant waters of Washington D.C. The only way to clean our capital is to limit the time that these career politicians can occupy their cushy seats on Capitol Hill! As senator, Kenneth will seek to change the policies that keep legislators in office and living off the tax-payer indefinitely.
Supporting and Protecting The 2nd Amendment
In the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, our forefathers first named our rights to speak, assemble, worship, and petition. Next came our right to defend. The right to keep and bear arms was established for the purpose of maintaining a ready militia, should they need to oppose a tyrannical force. This threat lives today! Kenneth will not seek to limit the possession of property, and this extends to the rights of individuals to own firearms.
Limit Frivolous Government Spending
  • With the United States’ debt climbing over 30 trillion, something has to be done to return this country to greatness.
- Fight overspending on foreign military operations
- Avoid infrastructure blunders like the bridge to nowhere
- End the senseless funding of needless studies, like that of the grant-funded research of the sexual habits of quail on cocaine Kenneth Blevins will support legislators and upcoming proposals that funnel money to paying off our debts and thereby strengthening the United States of America
De-schedule Marijuana
If the number of successful, functioning dispensaries in the state of Oklahoma hasn’t convinced you that marijuana is the medicine of the people, then nothing will. Kenneth Blevins proudly supports the rights of Oklahomans, as Americans, to medicate as they see fit. He will continue to support the rights of Americans to choose their medicine and have that choice be protected by the federal government—not penalized.
Government Transparency
Through strategic management and citizen interaction, Senator Blevins will make the intentions of policies well-known. As soon as citizens can tell their elected representatives how to vote to best represent them, they can hold elected officials accountable for their voting record. The legalese of bills introduced to Congress is no mistake–corrupt politicians use this to sneak cloaked clauses into otherwise seemingly innocuous legislation. It is the aim of true statesmen, like Kenneth Blevins, to lift the veil and make known what measures are being presented to and voted on by legislators.
Veterans and service-members
No one deserves the respect of Congress more than those that have answered the call to protect the Constitution and the people of this nation. As senator, Kenneth Blevins will speak out against unnecessary foreign engagements. He will always aim to keep Americans home with their families, where they belong, for as long as he can. At home in America, Kenneth will work with Veteran Affairs to finally provide adequate and better care for veterans facing the life-long health consequences of their service.

Make congress work for the people – not themselves, not their respective parties, and not their corporate cohorts!